Corporate Badminton Event

As a business owner, the morale and work ethic of the individuals under your command is of utmost importance. These qualities of a workforce can either lift up or tear down a company. In today’s fast-paced business landscape, we need our employees to not only work harder, but to also work smarter. In addition, one brilliant individual alone is unable to truly take the company to greater heights. What is required is a team of committed and dedicated individuals that are able to work well together to achieve the desired outcomes

Our Badminton program focuses on introducing the fundamentals of badminton to your participants. through various training drills (multiple shuttle training, physical training etc.) and subsequently coming together to compete against one another in a team

Through the entire process of learning a new experience together, participants will be able to forge closer bonds, reinforce teamwork as well as enjoy a healthy activity together.

We promise to deliver the best badminton corporate training in Singapore! With several national and ex-national coaches providing top-notch instruction, management and analytical expertise to manage event flow & optimize the customer experience. We feel the sense of responsibility to deliver a well thought out, informative & enjoyable event for everyone.

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