Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if my child misses training?

For the sake of your child’s development and to ensure that your child’s progress is in step with that of his/her teammates, your child should attend every weekly training session that has been arranged for your child in each month.

In the event that your child misses training, we can arrange for a make up training session within the same month if your child’s absence is due to the following reason(s) only:

(a) medical reasons – an applicable doctor’s note or medical certificate will need to be furnished to us at as soon as it is available;


(b) overseas travel – provided that the Academy is notified in writing at at least one (1) month prior to such overseas travel (to allow for more time to plan for make up sessions); or


(c) other reasons – provided that the Academy is notified in writing at at least two (2) weeks prior to such school activity, and that the total number of weekly sessions missed by your child (save as a result of bad weather) is no more than 25% of the sessions in the current month;


Nevertheless, we do recognise that exceptional circumstances may occur in rare instances causing your child to miss training – in such instances, please write in to us at However, we seek your understanding that in the case you request for make up sessions based on paragraphs 4(b) and 4(c) above that exceed 25% of the sessions in a month, the Academy may not be able to fulfill your request completely.


Please note that the Academy has sole discretion on providing make up sessions and its decision is final.

For the avoidance of doubt, make up sessions cannot be rolled over to the next month to avoid creating backlogs.


Please note that any absence from training needs to be communicated to us. We reserve the right to turn away or levy additional training fees on any player who turns up for training that he/she is not scheduled to attend.


None of the alternative training sessions are convenient for me. Can I get a discount or refund for the sessions missed?

Please note that our offer of make up sessions is part of our additional service extended to you on a goodwill basis and is subject to our best efforts in making arrangements for your child within the same month, having already made the necessary reservations for your child at our weekly training sessions.

For your added convenience, we have been expanding our weekly training schedule to provide multiple training sessions for each age group, so as to ensure sessions missed can be made up for within the same month. However, we cannot ultimately bear the burden for changes in your child’s school or personal commitments which result in your child missing a scheduled training session.

We expend considerable resources in assembling the coaching team that is there for your child every week as part of our quality commitment to you and your child. As we want your child to receive all the training that he/she is entitled to in each month, we seek your understanding and cooperation in arranging for your child to be able to attend his/her make up sessions.

Can I join in mid-way through the month? 

Yes, of course! If you wish to sign up after your free trial, we will pro-rate your month fees accordingly.


Can we pay per session attended?

We are unable to accommodate such an approach for our kids/youth training sessions because our coaches need to know which players will be attending each training session ahead of time so that they can reliably plan each session accordingly.

We also need to ensure that every player is guaranteed a space at their selected training session each week and that training sessions do not become overcrowded. Allowing such an arrangement will negatively impact our players and parents who are committed to learning and growing with us.

As we place significant importance in the cultivating of each player’s social skills and character, this practice also ensures that we can allow each players to build and foster relationships with their teammates through regular interaction for their individual and collective benefit.


What if I do not pay the training fees on time?

We seek your cooperation with regard to timely settlement of your invoices, as the Academy team has to expend considerable time in following up with late payments every month.

In the event that payment is not made by the due date, we reserve the right to suspend the affected player from participating in training pending full payment of fees.